Gindi TLV

the perfect combination of real estate and technology

GINDI TLV project, we managed to combine the two worlds in an exceptional way: the real estate world and the innovative world of drone and video technology.

The project included FPV drones, over 25 players, one shot and a lot of creativity. It was a complex challenge of flying and precise planning, cooperation with many parties, and the possibility of dealing with difficult challenges

The result is a video that impressively presents the property and location of TLV GINDI. The film created a spectacular and impressive visual experience that conveys the feeling of living in a special and prestigious place.

This project is a perfect example of how we at SKY PRO use the most advanced technology and combine it with our knowledge and creativity to create impressive products. With a lot of challenges, a lot of work and unusual ideas, we create visual experiences that go beyond the usual limits and surpass the standards.



Our Tech

Production company
Advertising agency
FRESH Real Estate
Chief pilot
Daniel Levtovsky
Executive producer and client management
Rotem Rogovski
Screenplay and direction
Haim Tsinowitz and Ido Izak
Edited and after
Dodo Vazna
Executive producer
Bar Benari
Karin Eckerling
Player management
Yuval Farkash