Golani - FPV

A powerful film of a Golani special unit in one shot

In the world of photography and video, there is no better way to present a spectacular film in one shot with an FPV drone

The Golani Patrol is one of the best known and best combat units in the IDF, and their capabilities bring such a project to a level no less than impressive. With an FPV drone, which is an excellent way to get a unique view from the air, which combines the patrol's impressive capabilities with advanced technology.

We've used advanced video editing and incorporated 3D sounds and effects to ensure the end result leaves viewers enthralled. The project in this video is a unique experience that provides a spectacular view from the air, where we went into details with the support of 2 teams of fighters and the use of advanced technology.



Our Tech

Production company
Skypro - סקייפרו
Rotem Rogovski
drone FPV pilot
Daniel Levtovsky
Editing and after effect
dudo vasana - דודו ואזנה
Lior Weizman