Golani - Promotional film

The Golani Brigade, its spectacular story in the eyes of the camera

When it comes to an impressive promotional film that aims to tell the story of the No. 1 Division, a special creative and a group of skilled cinematographers are needed.
This is the project we produced and filmed for the Golani Brigade, and its story provides an opportunity to see the strength and impressive experiences of the brigade through the eyes of the camera.

In the process of producing the film, we thought of every detail to ensure that the story was impressively implemented

The film's creative was written carefully and in partnership with the brigade commanders
 Two days of intensive photography led to the creation of a spectacular project.



Our Tech

Production company
Skypro - סקייפרו
Rotem Rogovski
Benjamin Lotsky
Chief photographer
Arbel Rom
Assistant photographer
Aviad Glider
drone pilot
Daniel Levtovsky
Yaniv Hadar
Lior Weizman